Friday, August 15, 2008

Pictorial Entry - Domestic Happenings

Again, the cellphone camera comes in handy around the house and nearby on walks. More pictures by yours truly and her wonderful auntie.

The more playful of the kittens decide to take a nap, only to be distracted by a strange bug.

And yet, it doesn't take long for them to get back to their usual monkey business.

Sivko (Seev-koh) poses for the camera, after being chased by various little siblings.

Monkey see, monkey do. Little Mica (Mee-tsa) copies her older brother Mico (Mee-cho, the c is supposed to have an accent, but I'm limited in this format).

The whole family gathered together, the two mothers and their four children. They never knew their fathers, poor little guys. The little black kitten, Crnko (Tsrn-ko) is hidden against a bigger cat. Can you spot him?

The view from one of our houses in Bar, from the top balcony over looking an olive grove and a mountain town.

The aforementioned house, my parents built it from scratch and a good team of workers and a well thought out architectural plan made it the quaint thing it is. A pretty orange sherbert paint job is brand new, and the house deserves it.

Our house in Sutomore, it's big, roomy, and quite modernized compared to the house in Bar. The top floor is where me and my close family vacation, and the bottom floor is my grand parent and auntie's. The blue pill shaped object on the left side is a water resevoir, and underneath it is a stone built outdoor shower. Quite nifty and useful on water-shortage days, or just hot summer afternoons!

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