Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Another Pictorial Entry - The Sea.

Me, my aunt, and a cellphone with a camera are a strange and wonderful combination. The pictures following are from what we took in July and early August, and are themed by the ocean. Another set of pictures after this one!
Rocky starts leads to smoother endings, nature knows how to compromise better than people.

Another hotel nearby, with a gorgeous shoreline as well.

A view almost reminiscent of back home in British Columbia...

A rare cloudy day, and the power of the waves is mesmerizing.

Even as night falls, the scenes are picture perfect.

The top balcony of the hotel also has an extremely rewarding view.
A bird's eye view of the descent from forest to ocean to mountain.

The hotel where my aunt works is beach front, and it's called INEX - Golden Coastline.

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