Saturday, August 9, 2008

Back To The Fashion Future.

Another style magazine, another wonderful token of the material world affecting our daily life. What, it's not in fashion to breathe? Then you can expect 94% of our lovely population to be asphyxiated or blacked out, possibly even further.

Don't get me wrong. Fashion is an art, faux trends however are the disease that plague the population and stop the true art from progressing. Europe tends to be ahead in the trend world, whether those are good or bad trends.

For example, this summer you were either bold or you were nobody. Bright yellow, lime green, electric blue, fuschia, and orange accented with black or zebra prints and huge statement jewellery were what everybody was lusting after. Strappy clothing, belts, gladiator sandals, huge tote bags, the looks were in your face and popping with self expression.

Wait, self expression? WRONG. If you're dressing like every single person that walks down the street, you're not expressing yourself. You're showing that you can follow a collective's ideas and illustrate how mindlessly desperate you are to fit in.

Now, I'm not saying that wearing your favourite yellow top has made you a zombie of the fashionista world, no far from it. Basically, you take tips and pointers from the idea of what's in, not deck yourself out in rainbow sunshine vomit to blend in with the crowd.

I respect how people dress, because it's their own personality they're supporting and showing off to the world. No matter how much we deny it, we humans are superficial and shallow to a point, we are attracted to, well, attractive things. A shirt that resembles a burlap sack will get three times less attention than a sleek and chic black v neck t top.

Speaking of trends, the wonderful and amazing minds of designers have given us great ideas for what's in store for the autumn/fall season. Let's just say put away the ruffles and flowers, menswear is taking a huge jump into the world of ladies' fashion.

Plaid. Need I say more? Designs and textures are a huge deal, as well as the material you dress in. Wool, tweed, houndstooth, plaid, cotton, cashmere, and the like. As for colour schemes, contrast is still in. Jewel tones (dark emerald green, wine red, navy) paired with lighter neutrals are a great choice, purple and gray paired together are a signature look, and as always, earth tones and black for those days when you just need some warmth.

Riding boots, vests, cardigans, caps, sweaters, statement coats, layers, thick heels, pointed heels, coppery metals, wooden jewellery, pearls, pops of colour here and there, a natural look for makeup, leggings, dark denim, fitted clothing, baggy sleeves, pretty scarves, slouchy bags, and innocent portayals of character. And that's just a start! Wow, I sound like a what's-hip magazine type reporter. Time to go cool off and try and ignore the realm of... fashion.

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