Saturday, July 19, 2008

The Tide Is High.

Where there is an ocean, there is always somebody swimming in it, even in the Arctic. So in a place with such a hot climate and wonderful shoreline views, obviously the beaches here are crowded and full, at every twist and turn. Even around 6 am and 8 pm, there's always a multitude of people everywhere.

Armed with a beach bag full of towels, water bottles, sunblock, sunglasses and clothing, you start your venture down to the sandy waters. Depending on the wind, or lack of it, the ocean will either be full of waves and warm and probably full of seaweed or cold and still. The best swims are unbelievably in medium temperature and temperament waters, so you don't freeze or die of boredom.

Once down the stairs from the beachside road and stores, you can literally taste the ocean (probably some lady's obnoxious perfume too) and the sand will feel amazing on your skin, barefoot or not. Smart people wear functional easy to undo and put back on clothes and utilize this to their advantage. And then there's some people who decide not to take their clothes off and jump in fully dressed.

If you're anything like me, you don't care so much about what other people will see you as, and focus your time on having as much fun as possible. From running after siblings to swimming to the ferry boat dividend line, there is no time to stop and sunbathe until I'm out of the water for good and drying off. I mean, I tan in the shade with SPF 75, I don't need to concentrate time and effort on something that will happen naturally and shouldn't be forced.

Tired and washed out (no pun intended) I pack up the towels and slip on my clothes, only to trek up a flight of stairs, and either up a steep hill to the ancient car, or walk the 15 minutes back home depending on my disposition. The car, maybe I've informed you of, is a legendary work that my grandfather has had probably since before I was born. It's been through countries and moves and illegal illicit treks of all sorts (which I'm not supposed to know about, but do anyways).

I wish the beaches in Canada, or Vancouver rather, were as fulfilling as the ones here. I suppose I'll have to settle for what we have, but still enjoy fond memories of coastlines and painted skies back in my homeland on the side. After all, everyone is biased in thinking that where they are from is obviously better than somewhere else in the world, a little bit of nationalism and patriotic spirit in everybody. Especially if you're from a place with a gorgeous view and environment, like me. See, there's that silly little bias already. Speaking of beaches, I'm off to one right now. Toodles!

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