Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The Sweet Life.

As most people would know, bed time for people my age and around there is 10 pm. While our life stops there, the life on the streets is just getting started. Going out for even a walk by the beach after those hours involves a buddy or a few buddies, top notch clothing, and a clear attitude. Whether you're headed to a nightclub or just a shore line cafe, the rules are the same.

Even individuals far past their teenage years will avoid going out alone, because company, while easily found, is as easily lost. So to ensure safety, comfort, and popularity, groups and flocks are a must. Fashionable clothing in Europe is high quality and high price, so what you wear is essential in your presentation.

After all, in a world where you are judged by one look (possibly more once found intriguing) your appearance is what will allow you to be remembered in a positive way, or leave an impression of disregard and such on other's minds. That leads into attitude, with what kind of air you carry yourself.

Confidence is a must-have accessory everywhere you go, especially during summer. Whether you act cutesy, sultry, charming, aloof, or even crazy, you have to be sure of yourself. My friend Marija, who I ventured outside with, lives in Britain (she comes here to visit her homeland and go on vacation, like I do) and has a lot of experience with how to act and persuade in the night scene.

So, my knack for psychology (it was not flirting, it was psycho-analysis and careful study of human character) and her knowledge of this disco light and cocktail filled universe got us through the hours and minutes where we felt like people weren't staring but instead boring holes into us with their eyes or the moments where we didnt't know what to talk about so instead sipped at our soda water with lemon and quietly nodded in silent agreement.

Maybe, dear journal, I'm writing myself a guide on how to lead and relive my life someday, not just a day to day and thought by thought write up and I don't even know it. Careful memories packed in scraps of paper and flitting thoughts, snatches of music that seem familiar but aren't recalled until something triggers them once again. While life progresses, the lights turn off outside and the ideas start to flow along with the drinks and shining lights.

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