Sunday, August 24, 2008

Let The Games Begin.

No, not the Olympic games. Or Yugioh. Just usual plain card games, journal. Armed with a deck of cards from the market, me and my brother decided to beat the midsummer blues by playing every card game known to man.

Er, well, every card game known to my brother, is more like it. He's an attentive learner only when he wants to be, so his knowledge of card games is limited to when he's actually paying attention to my teaching rants.

Crazy 8's, Go Fish, War, Cheat, Slapjack, and multiple games of Solitaire graced my coffee table, and cups upon cups of drinks stacked up to the point where we had to pause in the middle of a Solitaire endurance tournment to clear off the surface and make space.

Besides, not like we had anything better to do, like clean the house, play with the cats, do some pre-schoolyear review, read some books, listen to music. Of course not... Note: We did actually do useful things later, I swear!

The fun went pretty smoothly, if I can say so myself, being the winner of nearly everything. I say nearly because I caved in to the kiddy charm and rigged the cards for him to win in War, and let him slap first by miles. He seemed pretty smug about his ' victories ' in the end. Typical little siblings.

The day continued on in an ordinary fashion, the usual here and there visits from neighbours and friendly faces. As we were dragged off to the beach, the cards sat forgotten until we'd come back. Or so we thought.

Once we sauntered back, still plastered wet and salted to the core from a nice long swim, me and my brother were shocked to find the entire table, full of cards, gone. Cleared, not a trace. Whodoneit? I advised my brother to put on his detective hat, and we snooped around for the cards.

It later turned out that the cards had been 'borrowed' by my grandparents, and the little cats had gotten their paws on them. Asleep, safe and sound on the pile. We sighed in defeat, and twiddled our thumbs in boredom.

Only half an hour later did it strike us that we had a computer, and so we turned it on, opened up Solitaire, Spider Solitaire, and Freecell, and clicked our worries away. Fun times, my friends, that technology brings up. Fun times.

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