Sunday, June 22, 2008

A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words.

So, when you have a cute little digital camera and millions of opportunities, you're bound to snap a few photos. Today's picks are the small things in life, or things that look small depending on how you look at them. Perspectives that we see in photos and perhaps elsewhere if we try hard enough. Now then, here's four of my little escapades.

This house is so old, it's protected as part of our history by UNESCO.

A cactus flower in bloom. They only last one sunrise and sunset.

Somebody's playing hide and go seek, but not very well.

Life through those eyes would be quite an adventure.

The beaches and scenery everywhere are so beautiful, and yet unvalued because of their everyday occurrences in people's lives here. So, I'll be getting up early soon when the sun is at it's best to capture the exotic snapshots that exist no where else but Montenegro.

- Shutterbug Mirela.

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