Monday, June 16, 2008

It's a Rich Man's World.

The days have whizzed by in flurries of drawings, chores, and work. I guess the ethics around here have rubbed off on me, or maybe they were in my blood, lurking the whole time. And the lifestyle is hardening on your comfort, but makes you really treasure what good you have in the world.

We take things like iPods and computers for granted, when a lot of people don't have bread to eat or even a simple blanket to keep out the cold. Even those with houses and income still work to keep up with taxes, bills, and a thousand expenses every which way.

In Canada, we tend to whine about gas prices, don't we? Everywhere in the world, everything is rising in prices and money is dropping, as economy is bound to turn. I found out something today when walking back from the store that made me shocked.

A euro is about two dollars, give or take a few cents. And gas is measured in litres, here and there.

1.25 EURO for a litre of gas.

That's double the Canadian amount (1.25 dollars or so for a litre), and we're complaining?

Plus, the average working person's salary here is 300 euro per month. Pensions go from 50-100 or so, nothing over. Looking at the lifestyle and prices, it's scary how much people have to pay, and will because they have no other choice. Willful slavery, as my grandmother calls it. Amazing.

- A Mirela getting up early to pick radishes and lettuce from the garden before sunrise tomorrow morning.

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Erin Lawson said...

Hey Miri *hugs* Hope everything is going well for you. Anyways, you'll love your apple award. "Most likely to be 3000 miles away.. right now."